Flexible Tile Adhesive

- Suitable for all sizes of ceramic tiles.
- Suitable for porcelain tiles application.
- Suitable for interior and exterior tile application


Product Description

Mesiden Super flxible cement tile adhesive is an advanced one component cement-based adhesive mortar formulated with superior hydraulic binders. It is highly-modified to be highly-flexible, polymer reinforced adhesive mortar to increase substrate adhesion strength to resist slip caused by gravity and resist contraction and shrinkage caused by climate change and substrates.

Where to use:

1. Suitable for Interor and exterior wall and floor application.

2. Suitable for Ceramic Tiles, Porcelain Tiles and Marble Tiles

3. Suitable for dry and wet areas application, like bathrooms, kitchens, balcony, roofings and so on.

4. Suitable for areas where will have climate and temperature change. 


1. Superior Flexibility

2. High adhesion strength and anti-slip.

3. Easy to use and mix.

4. Good drying speed and long working time.

Surface Treatment:

1. Before tile application, make sure the surface is clean, dry, firm and smooth. Remove the dusts and foreign particles, make sure there is no dirt, oil and other chemical painting on the substrates.

2. Repair the cracks and holes with MESIDEN REPAIR MORTAR before tile application.

3. Mositure the substrates slightly to make sure the performance

4. Moisture the tiles with low water absorption rate before tile application.

5. Application temepratures should be from 5℃- 30℃.


Tile Application:

1. Apply the MESIDEN TILE BONDING AGENT to the base surface of the tiles and the surfaces of the substrates for very big and heavy tiles.

2. Mix the tile glue with water basing on the recommended mixing rate.

3. Stir the mixture evenly and thoroughly with the electronic mixer.

4. Apply the stiring tile adhesive on the tiles and substates

Best partner: 

After tile application, we can use Mesiden Cementitious Tile Grout or Mesiden Epoxy Tile Grout to grouting the lines between the tiles.