Cementitious Wall Putty

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Mesiden Wall putty is a high performance cement based powder material which is specially designed for purposes like leveling of wall surfaces, and to some extent will serve as a protective base for coating and paints. And it willl also used to fill pores and tiny crack in walls and ceilings. Therefore, we will call the wall putty as preparation of wall substrate before coating or paint.
ColourGrey or White
Hazard InformationIrritant
Open Time20 minutes @ 20
Coverage7-8m²/25kg bag @ 3mm bed
Tensile Adhesion Strength1Mpa Under all test conditions
Early Tensile Adhesion Strength0.8 Mpa after 6 hours
ClassificationBS EN 12004 TYPE C1
Types of Wall Putty
1. Fine Putty
Best quality Fine putty will provide a quick-curing thin cementitious leveling topping designed for polishing of substrate, whose thickness is lower than 3mm.
2. Coarse Putty
Best quality Coarse putty will provide an anti-cracking resurfacing thick mortar specially formulated for touch substrate, whose thickness can be up to 10mm.
1. Best quality Wall putty is good at maintenance of walls, creating an smooth adn leveled oout surface ready for painting.
2. Best quality Wall putty will perform the filling of small cracks or pores on the wall surface.
3. Best quality Wall putty has anti-mildew and waterproofing effect.
1. The substrate should be strong, clean, even, no obvious water and dust .
2. Strong water-absorbing substrate should be wetted or cover with glue before putty paint. 
3. The new plastered cement mortar surface should be maintained for more than 14 days before application.
4. Mix the putty powder with water proportionally.
5. Two layer, the second layer should be done after the first layer is dried.
6. After the putty is dried, polish the surface with abrasive paper and rush the top paint asap. 
Put 7.5 - 8 Liters clean water into a bucket, and gradually add 1 bag (20kg) of wall putty into the bucket and stir the mixture gradually slowly to achieve a smooth and uniform mixture.
1. The substrate should be smooth and strong; no dust, grease, release agents, batik materials.
2. If the base place is uneven, pls level it with putty. The new plastered cement mortar surface should be maintained for more than 14 days before application.
3. The construction should be done between 5-30.
4. Pls stop working in raining day for exterior wall putty.
5. pls do not mix Mesiden Putty Powder with other Putty, which may cause color difference or chemical reaction.

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