Porcelain Tile Adhesive

- Suitable for all sizes of ceramic floor tiles.
- Suitable for porcelain tiles application.
- Suitable for wall tiles (300 x 300MM / 400 X 400MM): 5kg / sqm.


Porcelain Tile adhesive is cement based acrylic modified powder bonding materials specially designed for bonding tiles to wall and floor strongly.    

mesiden tile adhesive


  • Porcelain Tile adhesive has stronger bonding strength than normal cement.
  • Porcelain Tile adhesive has easier application: No need to moisture the ceramic tiles and substrate deeply. Only need 1/3 application time of porland cement.
  • Porcelain Tile adhesive has better anti-aging and anti-leakage and anti-mildew performance.
  • Porcelain Tile adhesive costs lower labor cost and material cost. Its thin bonding layer will lower the gravity of the substrate and avoid falling down of the tiles.
  • Porcelain Tile adhesive has better flexibility to withstand the extension and contraction of the substrate and tiles under the change the temperatue so as to avoid hollowing.

Where to use:

Flexible Tile adhesive suitable for interior and exterior wall and floor tiles applicaiton, such as stone tiles, granite tiles, ceramic tiles and porcelain tiles and so on.


Mixing the tile adhesive with water proportionately basing on instruction, then stir them evenly till no abvious powder paster and become uniform slurry.

mesiden tile adhesive


1. Surface Treatment: Clean the substrate and the back side of the tiles carefully, make sure the surface smooth and clean.

2. Prepare the tile adheisve and mixing the tile adhesive:Gently pour the water and ceramic tile adhesive powder material into the mixing barrel proportionately. The ratio is Powder material: water = 20:4.5-5.5.

3. Fully stirring the mixed materials until it become uniform staff without abvious sediments and particles.

4. Smearing: Smear the ceramic tile adhesive to the wall surface and the back of the tiles.

5. Tiling: Press the tiles and tap with a rubber hammer to adjust the parallelism of the tiles.


Standard package 20kg paper bag


the tile adhesive well in a cool and dry places, avoid moisture or rain which will influence its performance.


mesiden ceramic tile adhesive

Best Partner :

If you have any headache about the falling down of the large size and heavy weight tiles, please kindly refer to below item for reference. Our Research and Development department has developed a hot selling bonding agent to raise the bonding strength of the tile adhesive and eliminate the easy hollowing problem between tiles and substrates.

mesiden bonding tile adhesive