Bonding Agent for Large Size Tiles

- Suitable for strengthen bonding performance.
- Suitable for adhere large-size and heavy walll and floor tiles.
- Designed to use with tile adhesive.


DOSOB bonding agent for large size tiles is a kind of liquid material, which is composed of one component water based non-toxic acrylic emulsion, auxiliaries and so on. It is specially used for surface preparation of wet combining porcelain tile, to improve the adhesion strength between porcelain tile and the binding material so that we can avoid the hollowing or falling off defects. For the stone with low absorption of water, dense texture, smooth surface and the other brick surface preparation, DOSOB bonding agent for large size tiles will be your good supporter, which is also considered as the most ideal adhesion for porcelain tile, wall tile, mosaic, marble or natural stone. 

Application Range:

  1. Bonding agent for large size tiles are suitable for different specification tiles, especially for porcelain tile, or tiling for building projects, home decoration, bathroom, kitchen, basement, balcony or corridor.
  2. Tiling on the new building substrate surface, bonding agent for large size tiles can strengthen the waterproof performance to avoid the hollowing or falling off defects after painting.
  3. Renovating the exterior wall, like re-painting on the ceramic, mosaic, or marble surface, we need to do one layer of tile adhesive coating before applying with exterior wall putty, so that we can improve the waterproof performance and avoid hollowing defects.


  • Bonding agent has strong adhesion, as it can form a new rough tile surface and enhance the adhesion between tile and binding material.
  • Bonding agent has excellent flexibility, which is good for mixing with cement based binding material to improve the binding ability. 
  • Good impermeable properties.
  • Resistance to freezing and thawing or alkali, it will improve long life time under the good protection.
  • Easy application, low cost and save time in working, without any damage.
  • Non-toxic, environmental friendly.

Technical Data for Reference
NameHigh Strength Tile Adhesive
ComposotionCement andhydraulic bonding additives
ColourGrey / White / Black
FormPowder Material
Comsumption Trowel (6mmx6mm) : 2.5 - 3.5 kg /sqm
Trowel (10mmx10mm) :4 - 5 kg /sqm
Trowel (12mmx12mm) :6 - 7.5 kg /sqm
ApplicationTrowel / Scraper / Brusher
Mixing Rate20 KG Powder : 4.5 - 5 L Water
Pot Life60 Minutes
Open Time> 20 minutes
Adjustability Time> 30 minutes
Ready to Grout4 Hours
Ready to use24 Hours
Package20 kg plastuc barrek
Storage ConditionStore in a dry cool place.
Shelf Life12 month

Application Tips:

1) Before painting or renovating old building, it is ok to roll by short hair roller.

2) Before tiling: we need to use the brown brush or small roller to stir the tile adhesive evenly half hour before tiling, and then brush on the tile surface ( please kindly reminded that it should have around 5mm space from the tile edge, to avoid the tile adhesive flowing to the front. When the surface looks transparent, then we can coat with DOSOB tile adhesive on the tile surface and also substrate surface that will strengthen the adhesion and waterproof performance, to avoid hollowing and falling off defects.

3) The most ideal temperature is 5 centigrade. The actual coverage will be different basing on different application methods, the surface smoothness and also the working environment.

Reference Dosage:

Dosage: 0.1-0.2kg/m2 (Real dosage will base on the real situation.) 

Material usage: Can be apply directly when opened, no need to add water. 1kg can cover 10-13m/2.

Product Package:

Product package: 5kg/barrel, 10kg/barrel, 20kg/barrel

Application Effect:

bonding agent