What is Stone Coated Metal Roof Tiles

What is stone coated metal roof tiles? 

The stone coated metal roof tiles is a new kind of roofing materials which is developed in recent years. It is a different kind of concept of coated roofing.  The main component of the stone coated metal roof tiles is basing on high corrosion Alu-zinc metal plate, high quality specially formulated mesiden acrylic resin adhesive glue and strong quality colourful natural stone chips granules. The produced stone coated membrane is strong, colourful and glossy which will prolong the shelf life of the roofings. 

It is a modern metal roofing for house roofing. As a new kind of building materials roofings, it is widely used for modern style house roofings.  People will call it the best kind of metal roofing tiles at present because it has superior natural , deep and excellent decorative properties than traditional tiles, and lighter, stronger and more durable performance of normal metal tiles. 

It is suitable for roof slope project with various styles and types of structure (wood, steel, concrete), also applies to the original buildings flat to pitched, old roofing and building decorations, and other local projects.