How to select correct ceramic tile adhesive

Ceramic tile adhesive is normally called the setting bed which is used to bond the bottom of the tile to the surface of the substrate. Aparting from improved formulation ceramic tile adhesive, organic mastics, thin-set mortar, common cement, latex, acrylic and epoxy adhesive sometimes also could be used as adhesive for bonding tiles.

When bonding different tiles to different substrates, the most important thing is using correct tile adhesive. Firstly, we should check the size of the tiles and where the tiles will be applied, for internally or externally, for the the wall or the floor, or in a wet or dry area, Secondly, you should check the substrate or setting bed on which will be applied: drywall, concrete, plywood or backerboard.

Organic mastics come premixed and is sufficient for most tile projects.

Sanded grout is recommended for use with ceramic tile floors.

Tile adhesive bases on the application area where will be internally or externally on the floor or the wall.

Porland cement is normally used for pouring slabs and paving or work as grout.