How to select the right waterproof coating?

How to select the right waterproof coating? 

There two kinds of waterproof coating in the market. One is PU Waterproof Coating, it is made from Polyurathane and oil-based additives, the other one is Acrylic Waterproof Coating, it is made from acrylic polymer and advanced cement-based materials. 

The PU waterproof coating mostly is oil-based, it is badly smelly, but it is widely used in the past years due to its low cost. 

The Acrylic Polymer Waterproof Coating is waterbased and odourless, now it becomes more and more popular in the market. But it is a little expensive than the PU waterproof Coating. 

No matter what kind of waterproof coating you will use, please have to pay attention to below points:

1. The waterproof coating should be applied at the right condition of temperature above 5℃.

2. The coating should be carried out horizontally and vertically sperately at an interval of 4 hours.

3. If there is any special requirement when application of the real paint, please consider to increase the coating layer.

4. If the air is extremely humid and the temperature is low, the drying time of the coating will be longer.

What kind of waterproof coating we can offer? 

1. JS Waterproof Coating

2. K11 Flexible Waterproof Coating

3. K11 General Waterproof Coating

4. Super Elastomeric Acrylic Waterproof Coating 

5. One-Component Water-based Polyurathane Waterproof Coating

6. Liquid Bitument Waterproof Coating

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