Difference Between Ceramic Tile Adhesive and Cement

 Performance PK —— Ceramic Tile Adhesive VS Traditional Cement

Traditional Cement

Ceramic Tile Adhesive

1. Mixture of cement + sand

1. Mixture of cement + sand + special chemical composition 

2. Mixing the raw material at construction site, hard to ensure the usage and quality

2. Convenient construction, just mixing the powder and water proportionally when using

3. Bonding strength depends on the hydration of cement

3. Strong bonding strength because of the effect of the polymer

4. No water retention property

4. Good water retention property due to the character of the polymer



   Performance PK —— Ceramic Tile Adhesive and Traditional Cement

Traditional Cement

Ceramic Tile Adhesive

×Unstable quality, weak bonding strength

Stable and reliable quality, strong bonding power

×Bulky material and messy construction

Clean and simple, just stirring the powder with water proportionally when using

×Not convenience for small engineering construction, not good for multilayer construction

Easy construction, suitable for multilayer construction

×Need to do thick coating construction

Could do thin coating construction

×Limited to cement-based substrate construction

Suitable for all kinds of substrates

×Limited to paste small piece of tile

Suitable for big size ceramic tile and nature stones

×Limited to paste high water absorption rate tiles

Suitable for pasting low water absorption rate tiles

×Long solidification time

Short solidification time, could be used in urgent construction

×Hard to estimate the dosage and cost

Accurate and specified dosage, cost can be estimated

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