Marketing Anniversary Mesiden Building Materials Co.,ltd

Marketing Anniversary Mesiden Building Materials Co.,ltd 

Mesiden Building Materials Company is an international manufacturer who majorly produces and sells Tile Adheisve, Tile Grout, Waterproof Coating, Emulsion Wall Paint, Granite Texture Paint and Stonecoated Adhesive since 2008.  

About Mesiden, our continuous commitment and dedication to quality, performance and service have made our products widely sold abroad. We have been developing and providing suitable premixed construction materials for wide applications to common structures as well as tailor-made products to suit for customers' special requirements of extraordinary applications. 

Mesiden Building Materials Company is composed of R& D center, Manufacturing Center, Quality Control Department, Market Center and International Trade Department.

Each year, Mesiden Building Materials Co.,ltd will hold its own marketing anniversary to further promote our products and make a reward to our kind customers. Our sales and marketing team is always making their best effort to serve our customers and support our customers by offering best price and guaranteed quality product. All our products are produced basing on the criteria of ISO9001 and EU standard. Our sales and marketing teams always work with each other and learn from each other to keep improving our own service and expertise. 

And all our products are produced from waterbased formula under the principle of environmental-friendly and healthy, all our workers will wear masks and gloves to protect them from danger, dust and polution. Our engineer and quality team will inspect each batch of products and leave samples as record so that we will be able to follow the quality of each batch of products to avoid any problems. 

History of Our Group:

2008: Waterproofing Production Factory Established at Foshan City

2011: Waterbased Paint Production Plant Started

2014: Internation Trading Sub-Company Established at Guangzhou City

2016: Vinly Flake Production Plant Started

2017: Plastic Bucket Product Plant Set Up

2018: Acrylic Resin Production Plant Set Up

Our Hot Selling Products:

1. Flexible Waterproofing Paint for Wall and Floor

2. Elastomeric Waterproofing Coating for Concrete and Metal Roofing

3. Cememtitious Adhesive and Sealant Grout for Tiling

4. Acrylic Adhesive Glue for Industrial Production 

5.Stonecoating Metal Roofing Adhesive Glue

mesiden building material waterproofing adhesive

mesiden waterproofing adhesive glue

Mesiden Polyurathane Waterproof Roof Coating

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