How to do Mesiden waterproofing to exterior wall

As we all know, waterproofing is a very critical part to all home decoration. If any project is not done the waterproofing well, it will cause a lot of unnecessary troubles in daily life. So how to Mesiden waterproofing to exterior wall? 

Firstly of all, let's learn the reason why we will have to do waterproofing to exterior wall?

mesiden waterproofing paint
The exterior wall must be done waterproofing, because the exterior wall is exposed by rain or all the other extreme weather all over the year, and day and night. Functionally endowed with the task of resisting natural weather erosion from the outside, this requires that our "shield" be strong enough for our building materials, especially reflecting the higher requirements in terms of safety and durability. If the external wall is not waterproof, the erosion of the rain all year will make the wall absorb a lot of water, and the water will gradually "bubble" the wall. Under the water environment, there is often sunlight exposure. On the one hand, the service life of our building materials and decorative materials is greatly reduced; on the other hand, people have been in such a humid and evaporating environment for a long time, which is harmful to health.

Moreover, when the temperature rises, the water evaporates in the wall body, causing tide change, moldy, shell peeling, etc. of our inner wall; and the water is flowing, it will "sway" in the building structure, and the water infiltrate The wall may find a crack in another place and penetrate into it, which is extremely harmful. From the current situation, the state requires developers to do exterior wall waterproofing, but many developers are cutting corners and are reluctant to do waterproofing, or rough construction on exterior wall waterproofing, rough waterproofing, and for exterior waterproofing, it is difficult for owners to detect their Whether it is waterproof or not, it also makes our house fragile and difficult to weather.

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How to do Mesiden waterproofing to exterior wall? Mesiden Building Material Co.,Ltd is the manufacturer of waterproofing products for many years. Mesiden waterproofing products have been widely sold domestic and abroad to solve different kinds of construction projects. 

1. According to the actual situation on site, clean the original exterior wall paint of the base layer of the waterproof part, especially thoroughly clean the broken and loose parts of the base layer, and expose the hard foundation.

2. Clean the paint, dust, oil stains and stains on the surface of the waterproof base to make the waterproof material adhere firmly.

3. On the basis of clean base treatment, use high-grade "Shengqiang" brand silicone waterproof coating and water to be diluted at a ratio of 1: 2, mixed with high-grade cement to make a gray paste, for trachoma, honeycomb, cracks Detailed handling.

4. When repairing irregular cracks, use filament non-woven fabric with cracks over 2mm and organic silicon exterior wall special coating to stick and repair to prevent the cracks from continuing to expand.

5. Strengthen important parts around the window, eaves, embedded parts, wall-penetrating pipes and other important parts.

6. After the base layer to be repaired is dried, use high-end "Shengqiang" brand environmental protection type silicone special waterproof coating for internal and external walls to paint the project parts according to the standard.

7. The waterproof coating should be stirred evenly before construction.

8. The paint is applied by brushing method, the direction and stroke length of the brushing should be the same, and the brushing should be uniform and no brush leakage.

9. During the mechanical spraying construction, the spraying should be uniform, the stubble should be pressed in place, and the spraying should not be missed to make the surface smooth.

10. Clean up the site after construction is complete.