How to do waterproofing to garage to prevent the water leaking problem

How to do waterproofing to garage to prevent the water leaking problem

Now mostly the garage will be inbuilt in the underground of the buildings for easy parking. To avoid water leaking problem, waterproofing is necessary to the exteior wall and floor. And it is also very important to set the right drainage system right to collect the rain water and undergroud water well to achieve the final waterproofing effect.

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So how to do waterproofing to the exterior wall of the underground garage? 

1. During construction, the outdoor wall of the basement must adopt structural self-waterproof concrete. Various steel bars or binding iron wires provided inside the waterproof concrete structure shall not directly contact the formwork.

2. General basement waterproofing engineering design, the outer wall is mainly resistant to water pressure or self-waterproofing, and then the coiled material is externally waterproofed (that is, treated against the water surface).

3. Underground engineering is relatively complicated. Underground soil quality, water quality and groundwater level must be understood during design. Effective fortification is adopted during design to ensure waterproof quality.

4. When the high water level of the basement is higher than the basement ground, the basement design should consider the overall reinforced concrete structure to ensure the waterproof effect.

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