How to tile a floor or a wall?

How to tile a floor or a wall? 

What is the thin layer construction method? Why use the thin layer construction method?

The thin layer construction method is a special construction method for tile adhesive. Use a special toothed spatula to apply the tile adhesive to the base layer and the back of the tile after it has been finely leveled, and comb it into a "glue strip" of about 5mm thickness to fit the tile in On the grassroots level, just compact it. In the end, the thickness of the mortar is about 3 to 4 mm, and the construction is simple and convenient, and the efficiency is high.

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In contrast, the thick layer construction method of traditional cement mortar, because the base layer has not been leveled, the thickness of the cement mortar layer needs to be adjusted to ensure the flatness of the ceramic tile paving. The construction thickness is generally 20 to 40 mm, which is 7 to 10 times the thickness of the thin layer construction. During construction, a certain thickness of mortar should be piled on the back of the tile according to the difference in the flatness of the base layer, and the tile should be pasted on the base layer. After repeated beating and leveling, it is considered to be completed.

The thick layer construction method is not only laborious, time consuming, and laborious, but also has the disadvantage of reducing the bonding strength. The bonding strength of each bonding material changes with age at a construction thickness of 20mm. Obviously, the bonding strength of each bonding material decreases sharply with the extension of curing time at 20mm thickness. At 28 and 56 days, the bonding strength The strengths all fell below the bond strength required by the standard, which is consistent with the fact that empty drums began to fall off one or two months after the actual tiling. This is because the thicker the mortar layer, the greater the shrinkage, the greater the damage to the tile adhesive surface, and the decrease in the bonding strength will cause the tile adhesive to separate from the tile.

The above is an introduction on how to correctly use tile glue to make the tiles stick more firmly. If you want to stick the tiles firmly, you must select the appropriate grade of tile glue according to the water absorption rate and size of the tiles, and the application environment, and use the thin-layer construction method. If your partner encounters a problem, improve it from these aspects.