Elastomeric Roof Waterproof Coating

Elastomeric Roof Waterproof Coating is an one-component liquid applied elastic acrylic-modified waterproof coating.

Product Description:

Elastomeric Roof Waterproof Coating is an one-component ready used liquid waterproof coating made from modified elastomeric acrylic and enhanced waterproofing additives under advanced technology of waterproofing coating system.

elastomeric waterproof coating for roofing


Environmental friendly waterproofing coating

Permanent and excellent waterproofing performance

High elastomeric property to anti abrasion

Special weatherproof additives to resist extreme climatic conditions

UV light resistance and moisture resistance

Where to use:

This product can be applied to most new and old buildings flat roofing and substrates made from concrete or metal.

Reference Dosage:Normally we suggest the coating thickness is 1.0 -1.5 mm (The thickness of each coat should be 0.5mm), the coating amount of approximately 1.8 -2.1kg/m²

Application Instruction:

Substrate Preparation: Make sure the substrate clean, no obvious particles like sands on it, keep it smooth, no water, no oil and no grease.

Moisture the substrate:Before coating, moisture the substrate slightly and evenly with roller.

Multi-layer Coating: Normally we will suggest to coating for 2 – 3 layers, but most are 2 layers. Take out the coating from the barrel and shake it up evenly and slightly before application. Then apply the coating with the roller. Try to coating at the same direction so as to make sure each place has been coated. After the first coating is done, let it cure for around 20 minutes (real curing time will base on real application temperature) to meet surface dry. 20 minutes later, touch by hand to see whether the surface has dried up, and then do the second coating. For the second coating, normally we will suggest to coat in the opposite direction of the first coating so as to make sure that every place has been coated. The same as the third coating.

Matters need attention:It will take around 24 to 48 hours for the coating dries up completely if under the temperature of 25 degree. Please apply the coating in sunny weather and temperature between 5 degree to 35 degree and relative humidity should below 85%.and make sure that there will be no raining in 24 -48 hours after coating is done.

Tools: Roller , Brush or airless sprayer if with advanced application technique. 

Package: 5KG, 10KG and 20KG ( 5 Liter, 10 Liter and 20 Liter)

Storage: Please store the product under well seal at a dry and cool place.

waterproof coating for roofing

elastomeric waterproof coating


Drying Time  / hrs

Touch Dry      


Hard Dry     



Impermeable Pressure / Mpa      




The Lateral Deformation Capacity / mm    



Bond Strength

No treatment   / MPa


Moisture substrate / MPa


Alkali treatment   / MPa


Soaking treatment / MPa



Compression Strength / Mpa        



Rupture Strength / Mpa           



Alkali-Resistant Ability

No cracking or falling


Heat-Resistant Ability

No cracking or falling


Frozen-Resistant Ability

No cracking or falling


Contraction Percentage, %