Polymer Modified JS Cementitious Waterproof Paint

Used as a protective and waterproof coating for most of the projects for economical purpose.  

Can be used on undergrounds, walls and floors, tanks, ect.


Polymer Modified JS Cementitious Waterproof Paint is a two-component acrylic modified waterproofing material composed of organic solution and inorganic powder.

Mixing the powder material and liquid material proportionately will form a strong and flexible waterproof membrane to achieve great waterproof and corrosion-resistant effect.

Technical Parameters:

1. Tensile Strength / Mpa > 1.2-1.8

2. Elongation at Break / % > 80 - 200

3. Impervious ( 0.3Mpa , 30min ):  Impervious

How to use this product?

1) Mix the powder material with the liquid material of the JS Composite Waterproof Coating proportionately (The ratio of power material to liquid material is :one component: 0.8:1, two component:1:1 by weight), then fully stir it for 3-5 minutes until it become jelly staff with no obvious particles and sediments. It would be quite appreciated if the mixing materials could be laid aside for a while before stirring.

2) Brushing the JS polymer waterproof coating on the substrate directly and completely. 2-3 coatings in total are preferred according to real application condition. Brush repeatedly to ventilate the gas if any bubble is formed when brushing. The thickness of each coating should be 0.5mm

3) Re-coating (second coating) should be applied only after the surface dry of first coating ( touch dry , it will take 1-2 hrs at normal temperature of 25-30), the direction of brushing should be vertical to previous coating. Moisturize previous coat by spraying mist on it if it is solidified before second coating.



Drying Time  / hrs

Touch Dry      


Hard Dry     



Impermeable Pressure / Mpa      




The Lateral Deformation Capacity / mm    



Bond Strength

No treatment   / MPa


Moisture substrate / MPa


Alkali treatment   / MPa


Soaking treatment / MPa



Compression Strength / Mpa        



Rupture Strength / Mpa           



Alkali-Resistant Ability

No cracking or falling


Heat-Resistant Ability

No cracking or falling


Frozen-Resistant Ability

No cracking or falling


Contraction Percentage, %