Pressure Sensitive Adhesive

Waterbased Acrylic Pressure Sensitive Adhesive Glue 

For Double Sided Tape

For Sticker Film

For Protective Film

For Removable Film


For plastic protection Film

Product Description

Mesiden Water based acrylic pressure sensitive adhesive is polymerized by special emulsion polymerization technology with various kinds of special waterbased acrylic monomers. It has excellent adhesion for plastic, metal, glass, cardboard etc. with characteristics of dry drying suitable for high speed coating and have good compatibility with pigment.

Product Application

Mainly used in BOPP sealing tape, adhesion of carton and material of bags, shoes, Labels, stationery tape, double sided tape, cloth tape, electrical tapecold lamination film and other coating manufacturing for various types of coating machine.

Product Feature

1.  High solid content, low viscosity, suitable for high speedcoating.

2.  Applicable to a variety of coating method like roll coating, knife coating etc.

3.  Have good applicability for BOPP, plastic, paper and nonwoven.

4.  Have good balances between initial adhesion, cohesive force and stripping force.

5.  Storage stable, easy to use.
6.  High transparency after film form.
7.  Excellent frost resistance and anti-aging.
8.  With environmental report support.

Product Technical Parameter

mesiden pressure acrylic sensitive adhesive glue


1. Are you a trader or manufacturer? 

A1:Yes, we are manufacturer with our own plant, and we also have various offices in domestic China and abroad. 

2.  Will you provide sample for testing? 

A2: Yes, we will offer free sample for testing. Please kindly contact us for more details.

3. Do you offer OEM or ODM service? 

A3:Yes, we can customize as per your requirement and help you develop your own products and markets.