Multicolor Wall Paint

- Used to simulate natural granite.
- Designed for interior and exterior use.
- Ideally designed for high-rise buildings, large shopping malls.
- Suitable for different substrates made from concrete,plaster board, plastic.
- Made from color flake and acrylic liquid mixture.


Multicolor wall paint is a pure acrylic wall paint made from color flake and acrylic liquid mixture which is designed to realistically simulate granite stone. Mesiden granite flake wall paint, based on a touch acrylic resin ensuring enhanced durability and dirt pick-up resistance, has built-in algae and fungi resistance. This attractive liquid granite effect coating allows the designer to create exciting exterior facades. 


1. Water based and environmentally friendly.

2. Realistic granite effect, multicolor wall paint provides a vivid decorative effect by acting as a replacement for natural stone and other building material. 

3. Excellent dirt pick-up, water whitening, UV and weather resistance. 4. Algae and fungi resistant, and long-term color retention. 

Technical Note: 

1.Eliminating moisture is the first important step in surface preparation since it is the cause of the majority of paint failures like blistering, peeling and flaking.

2. Prepare substrate by removing all loose and friable matter. Stop and fill where necessary. Ensure that the surface is clean, dry,sound and plumbed straight. 

3. Check with the multicolor wall paint manufacturer for all equipment requirements. Granite flake wall paints are applied with a combination of regular spraying or rolling equipment along with specialized spray equipment and nozzles made for multi-color applications.

4. Base coat application with brush, roller or spray is typically a single step. 

5. Middle coat can be applied after 2hrs (allow to cure), which colors are close to granite flake wall paints, to improve its effects and avoid the substrate cracking with good flexibility.

6. Next, prepare the coatings you will need by carefully pouring them into one clean container (a method commonly referred to as “boxing”). Then, connect system components, making sure to follow all guidelines for proper compressor power, hose length and diameter, and nozzle/needle set-up.

7. The next step is the application of the pattern coat using the specialized spray equipment described earlier. Make sure the spray equipment is clean and working properly, then follow these steps as recommended.

Coverage Rate for Granite Flake Wall Paint:







Roller, brush, spray

Cover the underlying substrate to hide existing colors, smooth any surface imperfections, and increase adhesion when the subsequent coats are applied

Middle coat



Provide the primary background color color for the chosen aesthetic

Multicolor coat


Specialized sprayer

Add the color variations, visual effects, and texture that achieve the desired look and feel of the desired natural building material

Top coat



Add durability and protection to the final coated surface

Product Effect: