Exterior Emulsion Wall Paint - E2

Matt finish exterior emulsion wall paint is normally used for large projects where requires an economical material consumption rate.

Package: 25KG / Barrel

Gloss: Matt 

Matt Finish Exterior Emulsion Wall Paint

Matt finish exterior Emulsion Wall Paint is a kind of widely used water-based exterior emulsion wall paint of an economical cost. It can be used to decorate the exterior walls, with its matt finish to perform good hide coverage finish, varied color available, easy application, environmental friendly, low cost.


Matt finish exterior emulsion wall paint is ideal for private housing developments, commercial or most industrial complexes, and house cabins.

emulsion wall paint

Product Name:Matt Finish Exterior Emulsion Wall Paint
Product Code:E2
Type:Water-based construction paint.
Appreance:Liquid material
Main Components:Acrylic emulsion+CaCO+TiO
Color:White or as per customized
Volume:25kg / Barrel
Brushing Area:10 - 12 / kg (2 coats, film thickness of single coating-30μm)
Abrasion Resistance:>300 times
Product Standard:GB 18582-2008; GB/T9756-2009
Shelf Life:18 months
Surface Drying Time:0.5 hours
Interval Time: (for second coat)2 hours (Film thickness 30μm 25-30°C)
Drying Time:1 hours
Curing Time:7 days
Stability of Diluted Paint:48 hours
Dilution:20 -25% water could be added to the paint.
Application Range:
Weather Resistant Exterior emulsion wall paint can be used for decoration or renewal of exterior surface of new and old architecture, such as commercial buildings, hotels, villa, teaching building, residential building etc. 
Surface preparation:
1. Keep the base humidity <10%, PH<10
2. Remove all loose or powdery paint residue by brushing and scraping with a stiff fiber brush
3. Fill any minorcracks with an appropriate filler
4. Surface should be flat and smooth
Application weather condition:
Temperature >5 degree centigrade
Wind powder <4 degree
Maintenance time:
7days/25 degree centigrade ( not less than 5 degree centigrade. It is suggested to expend the maintenance time to achieve better effect.
Application method: Brush/ Roller/ spray

1.Mix well after paint can is opened.
2.Read the specification before using.
3.Please completely flush the eyes with clear water in case of eye contact.
4.Do not allow children and animals go into the working area and keep out of reach of children.
5.Wear the protective equipment during working if allergic to the paint.
6.Cover the overflowing paint with sand or soil and do not pour the paint into sewer in case of blockage. 
7.Apply with matching primer for best performance.
8.Stop application when temperature is below 10°C, or humidity over 85%.
9.To prevent hardening of the paint, the can should be closed during the interval of application. Thinned paint should not be poured back to the original can.